शिरडी के निकटतम रेलवे स्टेशन साईंनगर शिरडी रेलवे स्टेशन है या अन्य?

         If we see by Distance which is the nearest railway station to shirdi ? Then Sainagar Shirdi Railway station is that but its totally depend on from where are you coming to shirdi beacause its a new railway station started by indian railways  thats why all railways are not come in Sainagar shirdi Railway Station If  you want to save your time then you need to choose some another stations for coming in shirdiLike Kopargaon Railway Station , Manmad Railway Station , Nagarsol Railway Station , Puntamba Railway Station.

Nearest Railway Station to shirdi

Some Important Nearest Railway stations for coming in shirdi

Sainagar Shirdi Railway Station

if we see by KM then its a Nearest Railway station to shirdi Because its Only 3KM away from shirdi saibaba temple but lots of bugs are available in this station beacause of from a puntamba railway station to sainagar shirdi railway station this new Track of 17.5 KM long Created by Indian Railways and its new so thats why very limited trains available for sainagar shirdi railway station Only 15 Trains available from this station thats why its totally depend on from where are you coming shirdi, We will talk about that another Sations but firstly we can see Time tables of available trains for sainagar shirdi railway station.

Trains Depart From Sainagar Shirdi Railway Station



Shedule from Shirdi




11001    Pandharpur express

05:00 From Shirdi

Pandharpur  12:15

Sunday, Tuesday, Thusday


22602  MGR Chennai Central SF Express (PT)

08:25 From Shirdi

MAS/MGR Chennai Ctrl    09:45 +1 night



22148  Dadar SF Express (via Manmad)

09:20  From Shirdi

Dadar  15:10



22455  Kalka SF Express (PT)

10:00  From Shirdi

Kalka  12:20 +1 night

Tuesday, Saturday


77658  Jalna DEMU

13:40 From Shirdi

Jalna  21:05

Monday, Tuesday, Thusday


22893  Howrah SF Express (PT)

13:55 From Shirdi

Howrah  19:30 +1 night



18408  Puri Express (PT)

13:55 From Shirdi

Puri  21:50 +1 night



51034  Mumbai CSMT Fast Passenger (Via Daund)

16:10  From Shirdi

Mumbai CST  04:10 +1 night



17207  Vijayawada Express (PT)

17:10   From Shirdi

Vijaywada  15:15 +1 night



17205  Kakinada Port Express (PT)

17:10 From Shirdi

Kakinada  20:35 +1 night

Sunday, Tuesday, Thusday


17001  Secunderabad Express (PT)

17:10  From Shirdi

Secundarabad  09:00 +1 night

Monday, Saturday


18504 Visakhapatnam Express (PT)

19:10 From Shirdi

Visakhapatnam  22:05 +1 night



17418  Tirupati Weekly Express (PT)

19:10 From Shirdi

Tirupati  23:15 +1 night



12132  Dadar SF Express (Via Manmad)

22:25 From Shirdi

Dadar  04:30 +1 night

Sunday, Tuesday, Thusday


16218  Mysuru Weekly Express

23:55  From Shirdi

Mysuru  06:00 +2 nights


These are all Trains depart from the nearest railway station to shirdi sainagar railway station Its only 3Km Away From Saibaba Samadhi mandir but if you come from another destinations then you need to choose another station to arrive like Kopargaon Railway station,Puntamba Railway station , Manmad Railway station and Nagarsol Railway station  from all these stations transportation are available for a 24/7 to shirdi.

Kopargaon Railway Station

Kopargaon Railway station is one of the nearest railway station to shirdi its only 20 KM From Shirdi saibaba samadhi mandir and Its Base on Main Railway line of Manmad-Daund Line so thats why this rout is connected to most of major cities and Most of the 99% Trains are take this station All Super fast trains, Express and Passanger trains so thats why lots of sai devotees are choses this station for a shirdi darshan and also good part is 247 Transportation available for shirdi so if you come any time you can get a transportation Normally their Rickshaw takes 40-50 Rs From Kopargaon To Shirdi But If you want take special Then you need to pay 300-400 Rs And also tata Magic Passenger are available in same rate.

Nagarsol Railway Station

Main good feature of this railway station is Shirdi saibaba sansthan started lowest rate buses from this station to shirdi Because of Thousands of sai devotees are chooses this station Because of many of the trains from south india is arrive in this station and they dint want take once again new train and then reaching to shirdi for time saving and also money saving they chooses this station

 Nagarsol Railway station is around 40 KM Away from Shirdi But main part is also 24/7 Transportation available from nagarsol to shirdi which is Sansthan buses is timely but Private transportation is available 247 You dont want to wait for vehicle to come in shirdi Generally Private Transportation Takes 50-90 Rs/Person from Nagarsol to shirdi and if you want Any Private Like Omni Passanger or other Like Swift , Alto and other Its in Range of 500-1000 Rs.

Manmad Railway Station

Manmad Railway Station is around 60 Km Away From Shirdi and main part is its in Nagar-Manmad Highway so Its also Very easy to Reach shirdi From here because of is base on a highway And Maximum of all Mojor Trains are passes From This junction railway station

Generally for per person of Goverment buses takes 80 Rs from manmad to Shirdi and its available for 247 But Private passanger vehicles takes 80-150 Rs for same but in my exeperience goverment buses is best option for this route also safest option in any time.

Puntamba Railway Station

Puntamba Railway station is around 17 Km From From Shirdi but Transportation is rarely available for a shirdi In a day time you will Definitely get any of transportation for shirdi but in night you need to Search that then you will get but sainagar shirdi railway station is connected from this railway station thats why some of main trains are stop here


We Also Share shirdi Sai baba live darshan link of their official site for this you can click Here


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These are some nearest railway station  to shirdi not only Sainagar Shirdi Railway station doesn’t matter from where are you coming to this  stations this all are nearby areas of shirdi so you can choose which suites you and then select that station if you want some another information regarding Nearest railway station to shirdi then you can ask in above comment box also you can ask any question regarding shirdi and sai baba.


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